Two Bag Limit

Homes with up to five residents will be restricted to throwing out a maximum of two waste bags per fortnight. Black bags will no longer be used, and you will be given a roll of new blue branded bags in May ready for the new service starting on 5 June.

Two blue plastic bin bags

Extra dispensations

Properties with six or seven residents will be able to apply for one additional waste bag each fortnight, while homes containing eight or more people will be able to apply for two extra waste bags per fortnight.

One additional bag will also be provided for homes where ash-producing coal fires provide the primary source of heat, while eligible householders will continue to receive an assisted collection service.

To register for the extra dispensations, please call 01656 643643 or email

Bits and Bobs bin bag characters linking arms

Bits and Bobs

If you recycle as much as you can, only the leftover bits and bobs should fill your blue waste bags. You can get recycling tips from Bridgend County Borough’s newest double act ‘Bits and Bobs’ by following us on Twitter and using the hashtag #BitsNBobsBCBC, or by liking our Facebook page.

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