What Else Can I Recycle?

Bulky waste

Need to arrange a collection for bulky waste such as a mattress or furniture? Up to three large items costs £20 and a collection can be booked here, by calling 01656 643643 or email recyclingandwaste@bridgend.gov.uk.

A chest of drawers and arm chair


Clothes and paired shoes should be placed in a carrier bag of your own next to the rest of your recycling. Please no bedding, duvets and pillows.

A jumper, shoes, socks and white plastic bag

Batteries, phones and spectacles

To recycle batteries, old mobile phones and spectacles please place them in a clear plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) next to the rest of your recycling.

A pair of glasses, batteries and old mobile phone

Small electrical items

Broken toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers and other small electrical items can be recycled from the kerbside by placing them in a carrier bag of your own. Anything with a screen, such as a laptop or TV is not suitable for this collection and should be taken to the Community Recycling Centres instead.

A toaster, kettle and hair dryer

Garden waste

Our fortnightly garden waste collections provide a convenient way of recycling green waste such as plants, flowers, weeds, grass, leaves and hedge clippings. Residents can sign-up to the scheme for an annual payment of £38.30 per household, with a discounted rate of £34.30 for pensioners. To register, please call 01656 643643. Alternatively, you can register online here.

A pile of leaves and sticks